Paskwa 2010 Event

December 18, 2010- The Capizeno Association of Ontario celebrated its annual Christmas party- Paskwa 2010. It was definitely a fun night to get into the holiday spirit!

The program started at 5:00 with registration and members enjoyed cocktails while being welcomed by a special guest- Santa Claus himself! Upon the arrival of everyone, the attendees were greeted by words from the president. A prayer recited by the children was then read, and a bit of fun caroling with everyone participating that added to the fun.

The buffet table was filled with delicious dishes which satisfied the most fanciful taste buds. Of course, a Filipino party is not complete without lechon, which was catered to us by a fellow Capizeno. During dinner a slideshow was presented with images of Christmastime in the Philippines, which brought many nostalgic memories of former Christmases back home.

Dessert time was a real treat as we were mesmerized by Emman Alavata with his beautiful songs. Emman also dedicated his songs to his dad who happened to be celebrating his birthday on the same day. The night ended with more Filipino desserts to satisfy everyone as the members showed off their best moves on the dance floor. After a meal like that we danced the night away to burn the calories we all consumed!